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    Proprietor Speech

    I am sending this cover letter in hopes to work for the post of Regional Sales Manager with your organization, which was advertised in yesterday's newspaper. I was pleased to see this advertisement, as I have a vast experience, excellent communication skills and sales talent. With my experience in this field since the last seven years, I have become a pro in almost selling stuff to the regional market through my best sales techniques, training and management of all the sales professionals, setting up sales goals and checking the achievements, initiating new products for the marketing team, developing some territories, and taking care of old and new accounts. I take pride in saying that I am a born seller, and I work very feverishly at all the trade shows, in person, and via phone and digital communications. My abilities for solid communication, high motivation and a drive to increase sales; I have proven track record, which can be unparalleled in achievement. If you check my attached resume then you will know that my details are the right fit for this job. I am confident that they are, I would request you to get in touch with me at 870-896-7078 or e-mail me at h.jean@example.com. I am eager to start working as a regional sales manager with your organization, so I would request you to contact me as soon as you can, so that I can show my abilities. Thank you for going through my application. Sincerely,